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About World Conqueror 4 Game

World Conqueror 4 is a turn-based strategy military game based on World War II. Players can not only act as commanders, mobilize troops, and charge into battle, but also appreciate the cruel and true side of wars. World War II is rekindled and legend will be born.

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World Conqueror 4 Game Features:

-More than 100 great campaigns based on history
-Experience historical moments, such as the battle of Dunkirk, the battle of Stalingrad, the North Africa campaign, and the battle of Midway Islands
-Experience [WWⅡ 1939] [WWⅡ 1943] [Cold War 1950] [Modern War 1980]
-Select any country in the world, adjust diplomatic tactics, aid allies, and declare war on other countries

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World Conqueror 4 - Blitzkrieg #1 (Axis)
User Reviews

“5 out of 5 stars Great Sequel game my only complaint is that the Last cold war campaigns are pretty much impossible to win. Features needed to be Improved Ai, Upgrades need to be affordable but hey Tapjoy Keep up the good work.

“Love the game super much it’s so good and a bring teaser to try to get a strategy I’m on-axis level 4 and multiple times failed to try different strategies nothing work so I still trying to figure it out and how to defeat it.”

Been playing easy tech games sense European War II. Have played glory of generals, and the World Conquer Games, Really enjoy it, it is a lot of fun. The only thing that has changed over the years is that to unlock all the conquest campaigns you must beat the campaigns.

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