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Make your own tactic with our awesome Tacticool hack and free Gold and Silver that you can have in a few easy steps. When you run Tacticool cheats on your iOS or Android device, you will be asked to put your username/email and choose the desired pack, after that, our server will do the rest. Have fun!

About Tacticool Game

Tacticool is a tough game, one of the most intense mobile shooters, featuring an unparalleled isometric view, realistic physics, cars, and a destructible environment.

Fight the enemy team and zombies on multiple detailed maps. Dive into the all-new unmatched 5v5 experience hardly comparable to any known TPS or FPS shooter.

Tacticool Game Features:

STRONG ADVICE! This 5v5 game is the only physics-based online shooter, which requires a fast and stable network connection to play. Refer to the FAQ for more info. PROS: You can drive cars with online teammates inside in full GTA style, shoot right from windows, break fences, loose wheels, or get stuck in a swamp.

Take part in special PvE events, eliminate zombies when duty calls, play as a team, and fire at will. Survive during unreasonably severe outbreaks, run fast in TPS mode, and hear the boom of walking dead monsters.

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User Reviews

“It’s a great game with unique mechanics, good graphics, and the fact that you can easily play with your friends make it at least 3 times better😁

“Excellent controls, graphics are top-notch, the gameplay is challenging and enjoyable, online matchmaking is very balanced, and makes for a fair fight when competing in team VS team battles. The game never gets boring, mixes things up, and keeps you on your toes.”

Very fast-paced 5x5 3rd person shooter. If you play regularly and join a clan it shouldn’t take too long to start progressing and getting better operators and guns.

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How to use Tacticool Hack and get free Gold and Silver:

[2022] Tacticool Hack – How to Run these Cheats on iOS/Android!
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how to get free gold and coins in tacticool
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