Standoff 2

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About the game

Worldwide locations are available: from the narrow streets of Italy to a secret laboratory in the mountains. In addition to new maps being introduced to the series, updated versions of the classic Training Outside and Arena are back as well.

And you’ll certainly find something to fight with. More than 20 weapon models are available for selection from the very start of the game. Grab your favorite and go take down frags!

TOP Game Features

Planting the Bomb

This is one of the first modes of Standoff 2. If you play as terrorists, then your task is to plant a bomb at one of the two strategic points or shoot down the opposing team.

Competitive Mode

The essence of this mode is the same as in the previous one. A total of 15 rounds are given for the game, after which the winning team is determined. After 8 rounds, the teams change.

Team Fight

The match lasts 10 minutes. The winner is the team that, after the specified time, made the most kills.

Duel of Snipers

A relatively new game mode that was added to Standoff 2 last year. Players receive an M40 rifle with a knife and are split into 2 teams. In the specified time, you need to kill as many opponents as possible. The mode is interesting because of the changed gravitation.

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STANDOFF 2 - Full Competitive Match Gameplay! Epic Comeback [Road To Legend #7]
User Reviews

“If you’re wondering about downloading this game. I highly recommended you do. This is one of the best tactical fps mobile games I’ve ever seen. The graphics are decent and the weapon choice is great. The game itself has no bugs except for one that I’m aware of which is falling through the map glitch. It’s pretty rare so don’t worry about it.”

“This is probably one of the best mobile fps games available. No ads reasonable prices for premium content with generous rewards and free items. This game is very well optimized to run on even lower-end mobile devices and still maintains high-quality visuals and frames. Great.”

The game overall is amazing the graphics are nice the leg is a little much. but I mean I guess that’s what you get when you cross a bunch of bullets flying everywhere on a mobile game. the firearms are pretty good I guess there should be a bigger selection on them but the worst part about the game is lack of firearms and that’s not even a big problem so yeah.

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