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Let’s go party together! The incredible online app for free Credits and Doctor’s Notes is ready and from now on you can use it on your iOS or Android device. Party In My Dorm hack has an awesome user-friendly interface and allows you to instantly add the desired amount of resources. Before you run Party In My Dorm Cheats make sure you have bookmarked this page because when you spend all your resources, you can boost your game again by repeating the whole process. That’s right! Have fun!

About Party In My Dorm Game

Hang with your crew on campus in the best college game ever. Tear up a house party, collect swag, chat with cute girls, flirt with your favorite e boy, or just chill with your best friends. You can roleplay, send gifts, adopt a pet, decorate your room, or even start a relationship and go on dates!

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Game Features

✓ Decorate your dorm room like your inner designer desires. Whether your style is Skate Park, Japanese Anime, VIP Lounge, or the Dark Arts – you can have it all.
✓ Rent out dorm rooms and hire a squad, then upgrade their skills and challenge other squads to a dance fight.
✓ Start a relationship, then break up and find someone new. Your love destiny awaits!
✓ Group chat is more fun with chat games! You can roleplay, send stickers, ask for the magic 8 ball, spin the bottle, and more!

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How to Level Up in PIMD |Party in My Dorm Guide | Do's and Don'ts
User Reviews

“So far I’m loving it. The chat, clubs, campus, and other socializing formats are helpful with figuring out what to do next. Still learning as I go, but definitely recommend if you’re into college-themed games.

“I’ve literally been playing this since it came out. I will admit, I totally forgot about this app for a while and I’m just not learning how to play it again, but it’s great so far.”

Thanks to the developer, for the response on the problem that I faced before and u did a very Good job.. Thanks for this wonderful, entertaining and addicting game, thanks to the fast response. I’ll suggest having music the game, to make more effective the parties

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How to use Party In My Dorm Hack

Click on Inject Now Button

Provide Your username or email

Choose Your platform

Connect to the server

Select a package of resources and START

Complete the last step required by our sponsors who provide free resources

Run Your game and have fun!
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