Nobodies: After Death

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About Nobodies: After Death Game

Nobodies: After Death is a puzzle adventure in which you use your wits and resourcefulness to make sure your agency’s actions remain hidden. You aid them in taking out rogue members of your own ranks, who have defected with information on a bioweapon that threatens global security.

TOP Game Features

• Many new murders to cover up: use everything at your disposal to hide the evidence.
• Packed with puzzles: each mission has different challenges to overcome, from classic inventory puzzles to unique mind-bending tasks.
• Multiple approaches, one solution: there are many creative ways to fail each mission, sometimes spectacularly.
• Hand-crafted art: over 100 hand-drawn scenes to search and explore.
• A gripping tale: continues the riveting narrative of Nobodies: Murder Cleaner.

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NOBODIES AFTER DEATH: Mission 10 (WONDERLAND) - 100% Medal , Operation 10 Walkthrough Solutions
User Reviews

Just like the last game, this game is engaging and has beautiful art. The game had clever ways of disposing of the bodies, and like the last one, there are a few red herrings here and there (like a trashcan or an oil drum where it will be discovered). I would definitely recommend it and the last game to prey much anyone. I never had problems with bugs or anything like that. Always a pleasure. 🙂

“Best Crime Cleaner (Fixer) game! Actually, this idea of ‘Cleaner’ in a game is unique! I love the crime and investigation genre but I never played this type of game. The scenery (Some locations) and Story both are great. I’m addicted to this game, hope there are more missions in the future. Every mission is unique and there’s no place for mistakes. It will test your IQ, problem-solving, and intelligence all at once. I loved this game. Hoping to clean many murders in future games of yours. Good work team!

Great game. I’ve played until operation dead drop (which right now is the farthest you can go) because the last 2 missions haven’t been completed by the devs. Anyway back to the game, it has a really nice art style and a good storyline. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible. I recommend this game to anyone who’s looking for a game you can kill time with. This is why I have rated this masterpiece 5 stars.

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