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About Game

A fantasy RPG that weaves a sprawling tale with quirky characters and cinematic effects. Its gorgeous, fast-paced battles feature pixel art characters sweeping through 3D playspaces. Download now!

Game features

A riveting tale told with pixel-art characters and 3D backgrounds, brought to life with lovingly crafted music and animation!

Heart-pounding real-time combat at a speed that’s only possible with pixel art!

Go beyond collecting strong characters—train your favorite characters to have the stats you want! It’s all up to you!

User Reviews

“This game has improved so much in the last 6 months. From the quality of life changes and their improved generosity with tickets, it’s been great and has breathed life into this game. I can now highly recommend this game from where it was in the first two months. It feels like they are listening and are doing a lot of things right.

“Ok so I LOVE this game!! By far the best Gacha game I’ve played. Totally easy to understand and fun. Great story. Although the sound sounds old, but it’s still one of my top games!”

“Best mobile RPG I’ve ever played and always getting better! No need to buy to win. Can be casual and keep you busy if you want. Just all around great!”

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