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What’s up my friends! I wanna share the Hempire hack method with you because I play this game too and know how hard it is to collect diamonds in a regular way. If you decide to use this cheat, we recommend you do it on the Android or iOS platform. If you need any additional help, contact us!

About Hempire Game

“This is the perfect game for anyone wanting to get into the hemp industry.” – Tommy Chong 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

🌱 Chill Out with Hempire: The World’s Greatest “Gardening” Game & Community 🌱

Grow merry jane! Get rich! Chat and relax with high-minded friends from around the world!

Hempire Game Features:

Let’s Grow! 🌿💨
• Grow dank strains like Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Jack Herer, and many more!
• Prefer Indica? Sativa? Why not both!? Grow potent plants and deal great grass!

Build a Hemp Empire 😤💨
• Upgrade and repair your grow equipment
• Unlock cool, fun decorations and special 420 items
• Fix, clean, and smoke up your town

Create Hemp Products 🍪💨
• Bake cookies, brownies, and other CBD and THC infused edibles and goodies!
• Craft hash, kief, shatter, rosin, oils, and other dope concentrates

User Reviews

“Finally a game you can play as little or as much as you want! I’ll admit, I fell for the “Game asks you to give a review immediately after giving you a large reward” gimmick, but the game is great!

“A great game after a very very long aimless strolling in PlayStore for new games. Where do I start? The game is so well made. There is a storyline even after playing for a very long time. Every character has a background and feels connected.”

So far very enjoyable. I plan on completing the basic mechanics. Then I will update this Friday 16th April 2021. Update. Sorry, it took an extra week. Very good game. A lot to do. It’s a feed game. You create things, to create things, to create things.

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How to use Hempire Hack

Click on Inject Now Button

Provide Your username or email

Choose Your platform

Connect to the server

Select a package of resources and START

Complete the last step required by our sponsors who provide free resources

Run Your game and have fun!
How to cheat in hempire game






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