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About DQ Dai Game

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is one of those games that manages to be complicated and simple at the same time. If you’re looking for a mid-core ARPG with a focus on stat management, a decent level of polish, and a bit of actual gameplay thrown in for good measure, it’s well worth checking out.

TOP Game Features

– Push forward with your allies in dynamic three-lane battles!
Unleash powerful attacks to devastate your foes and advance!
Utilizing your “Break” power at the right moment is key to victory!

– The classic tale: Dragon Tracks
The Dragon Tracks storyline follows the original Adventure of Dai series.
Complete quests to add familiar characters to your team!

– A Fresh Adventure: Bonding Journey
The Bonding Journey is an all-new story supervised by the original author, Riku Sanjo!

– Become the Luminary Leader and explore the world of The Adventure of Dai!
Customize your character and adventure in style!
Switch to a variety of vocations such as hero, warrior, mage, martial artist, and more!

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Available on

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds (English) - Grand Open Gameplay (Android/IOS)
User Reviews

“Just started playing, seems pretty good so far, runs smoothly overall, just a few bugs and lag issues, tapping is also not too sensitive and the controls for bosses get weird. I can’t do any back dodges and I have to shield constantly to avoid attacks. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game with decent graphics. I would say it’s up to par with dragon ball legends, or an earlier version of it at least. I’ll be updating this review depending on how it goes.”

“Cool game. I don’t really keep up with the Dragon quest games or show but, I really like this game. It’s simple and you can create your own character.

Love the game, especially the graphics and the story. The only thing I would like more of would be if your character was able to react a bit more with the others and if it was opened the world to explore. But overall it’s such a really great game l think more people should download it and play it. Thank you to all the DQs developers for making such a great game.💪❤

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