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About Board Kings Game

Roll the Dice to play Board Games for free with friends and family.
Board Kings is the ultimate online multiplayer board game. Play with your friends, break their piggy and destroy their boards, while you grab the goods! It’s one of the best online board games out there!

Board Kings Game Features:

– Feel the thrill of dice games! Be the best dice roller and move around your board. It’s your board game to play with your friends and family… and win!
– Build your own board city, grabbing coins as you go!
– Travel to other players’ (and your friends’) boards…and…
– Steal their stuff! Discover your competitive side, go nuts and grab away! Until the next dice roll, that is…
– Unlock new boards from all that board hopping – Mini games or the Train
– Each dice roll can add to your board game album – collect all the stickers for awesome rewards!
– Upgrade your game board’s sections to level up to the next game board adventure!
– Enjoy over 20 fun multiplayer board games, with more game boards added each update! It’s a fun game to play with friends or create a family fun pack!

User Reviews

“I absolutely love this game!!!!!! This is my favorite game of all time. I have never ever played a game where I stuck to it for more than a week. I have been playing for over 2 years and still fun. We love the mini-games and the prizes.

“I like this game. I have been experiencing an issue for the past few days. Every time I open the game, I get a spinning circle that says please wait. I deleted the game once before over this and I don’t want to go through that again.”

I love this game! I usually log in 2 to 3 times a day to collect my rolls and bonuses. It isn’t a mind-using game lol. It’s just fun. I downloaded it on display and it’s one of the games I plan to keep around

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