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About Game

The moment that everyone has been anticipating has finally arrived! Your Soul Pager is ringing! Let’s begin our exciting adventure into Soul Society!
Original storyline, spectacular special battle effects, and realistic character settings!
Create your ultimate Soul Reaper squad by upgrading and evolving your Soul Reapers through numerous methods!

Game features

Original CVs!
Follow the voices of voice actors from the anime and relive those special moments when you first watched the anime.

Exciting battles!
Utilize various strategies in turn-based battles and QTE gameplay where your reflexes determine whether your squad succeeds or fails. Battles are made dynamic as you quickly respond to the prompts for a Perfect attack.

User Reviews

“This game is a refreshing change from most game of the same nature. To all who complain about “pay to win” you can’t expect a free to play game not to give incentive to those that support their project. I am 100% free play in top 45 in my sever and on some occasions beat a 1 v 1 character match with #1 who dose pay for the service. Please play to have fun not to say you can win a game ranking chart in a week.

“Good game, I love it so far and cant wait for it the get up to the final getsuga arc. I recommend the game to fans, the story is quite on par in my opinion. Though there is a very prevalent P2W aspect”

“A really great game, it’s constantly improving (patches, updates, etc) striving to give it’s players the best experience.”

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