Everything about Pokémon UNITE – NEW Pokémon UNITE game review! [MOBA 5v5]

Who would have thought that the traditional RPG game developers like Pokémon would ever try the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre? Well, Pokémon Unite has surpassed many people’s expectations. Although it has some flaws, it’s still a fun and exciting game. So, is it going to be the next big thing, or is it going to flop? Well, that is a wait-and-see affair. But, if you’re interested in learning about this game, read this Pékemon Unite game review.

What Is Pokémon Unite?

It’s a MOBA game that is a 5v5 battle like all other MOBA games. It was released in July 2021. Previously, the Pokémon company had released New Pokémon Snap in April 2021 and Pokémon Mezastar. However, what lacked in these versions was the rare sight for MOBAs. But, Pokémon Unite mixes the best parts of these previous games to bring something fun and unique.

This game features three play modes, that is, Standard, Ranked, and Quick. The Standard and Ranked modes are placed in Remote Stadium that’s a 5v5 map. The Quick mode, on the other hand, includes smaller maps, 3v3 or 4v4 gaming environments.

Pokémon Unite Gameplay

The game adds some unique aspects to the MOBA genre style. Instead of three lanes and a 5v5 map, this game, although it has three lanes, the middle one is also considered, as an entire jungle lane.

Also, Pokémon Unite removes team creeps, allowing the top and bottom lanes to farm during the play. It’s why you will notice both lanes having their mini jungle on each lane’s side.

Players in Pokémon Unite score goals and don’t smash towers, which means that one has to gather points. You farm for neutral creeps also called Wild Pokémon. Knocking them out earns you some points. A player then uses these points to destroy towers (scoring zones). However, the winner of a round isn’t always the team with the highest score. That’s because of the help offered by Pokémon Zapdos. When it’s two minutes remaining to the game’s end, scores are doubled, and teams are given a chance to knock out this bird. Players that manage to do that score a goal.

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Where Can You Play Pokémon Unite?

Nintendo built this game intending to transfer it over to mobile. Therefore, players can download it on their Android or iPhone devices.

To improve accessibility, the game allows cross-progression. Of course, playing it on Nintendo Switch is more enjoyable. However, the cross-progression allows you to transfer the game on mobile. Meaning, that if your switch battery is low, you can transfer your game to a smartphone and pick it up from where you left.

Also, Pokémon Unite mobile includes the usual accessibility settings. Players can change language, toggle, frame rate, and other settings on their devices.


• Easy game mechanics that all players can understand

• Excellent graphics and sound quality

• Tweaks MOBA’s basic formula that improves accessibility


• Features a pay-to-win mechanic (unless you use our online booster)

• Players need several currencies to get skins and items


Overall, Pokémon Unite is a fun and exciting game. However, free players are disadvantaged as it has a pay-to-win method. So it can be hard for free players to match with those who have paid but using our tips and tricks that we will announce soon, you can with anyone you want! Until then you can jump to our Pokemon Masters EX hack article and find some amazing tips!