Online Soccer Manager 21/22 – [OSM] Game Review 2021

Online soccer manager is a very enjoyable platform for online gamers, especially soccer fanatics who enjoy soccer management. First, the most entertaining bit about this app is that it is free to use, so all you need is a device. It is a good platform to train to become a soccer manager since it contains all soccer clubs in major leagues in the world. The app is translated into over 30 languages. It gives the manager a free hand because you can create your league, create your lineup, and develop tactics to strengthen your team and manage finances.



Some game items can be bought using real money. Hence you can also earn by buying and selling, especially if you have formed a group of friends you can play against.

It’s quite involving as you get to make all the decisions regarding your teams.

The app has all leagues in the world, making the experience more entertaining and even gives you exposure to the leagues.

There are no limits to the number of matches you can play to sharpen your tactics.

The gaming items are real and authentic since you get to sign contracts.


As much as it is free to use, one must have an account to get to play.

You can only manage one team at a time.

OSM 20/21 requires private information that can sometimes pose a threat to your security.

The experiences are only virtual and do not guarantee the physical management of the team.

The gaming experience can be very enlightening though sometimes you will need to use game hacks. OSM 20/21 has sources that offer hacks which are cheats for games where you get all gaming tools for free. Mostly you will need a rooted device to access this, but with this one, you don’t need a rooted phone. There are also links to access the hacks so that you won’t need an extra hack tool.

In conclusion, I would recommend this site for any soccer fan with a keen interest in soccer management.