League of Legends: Wild Rift is announced for mobile!

Prepare yourself for an authentic LoL experience on the go!

The long awaited LoL experience for mobile is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited now that we have a clearer picture of how it’s going to look like. Riot Games finally hopped on the band wagon and decided to expand their most lucrative franchise to alternative platforms. Furthermore, League of Legends Wild Rift is not just a simple port from PC to mobile and console, it is a full-blooded project that has been started from scratch and built specifically for these platforms.

Experience a new LoL Wild Rift!

You’ll get a chance to explore a whole new but familiar 5v5 map based on the LoL’s Summoner Rift, designed for a better, faster paced combat than ever! From what we see, the idea is to shorten the games to approximately 20 minutes of spell casting, skill shooting, magic fueled madness, giving you a more exciting and more compact experience. All you need to do is choose your champion, take to the Rift, and destroy the enemy Nexus in these action packed matches.

League of Legends: Wild Rift | Announce Trailer

Which champions can we expect?

Wild Rift will include a familiar cast of over 40 champions at launch, with more favorites on the way. As far as we know the list will include Ahri, Alistar, Darius, Dr. Mundo, Jax, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Jinx, Lux, Garen and many more from the original cast. Of course, a whole team of new champions will make their debut in the Wild Rift, so be prepared  for new play styles to master. You can also customize your champ’s look to your liking with loads of skins across dozens of themes. Then, get closer than ever before with Wild Rift’s all-new 3D model viewer.

Riot Games’ new “skills not bills” motto – what exactly does that mean?

Riot Games team has recently shown a very high level of honesty and care for their customer, something that we are not used to seeing among the gaming industry’s giants. Throughout their recent and upcoming releases they’ve worked on removing the gambling factors of the game such as “mystery packs” for cards and collectibles, and for that we can only say kudos. In the League of Legends Wild Rift, devs claim that “All champs can be earned for free, and there’s no paying for playtime or power. Ever.”. We think that it is really important to support this kind of policy for the sake of gaming itself, especially when it’s coming from such an acclaimed publisher. If only more publishers had that sort of approach to the gaming industry we would have far less pay to win games, and that is something we believe everybody would like.

Are the mobile platforms the future of gaming?

As we are speaking more and more AAA game publishers are turning their focus to the mobile gaming scene. Thanks to the vast number of mobile users, and rapid advance of technology, the mobile platform has flowered into an awesome and profitable field that is no longer shunned by the gaming community. With many of the world’s most popular games ported, and much more on the way, we can definitely say that mobile is becoming a platform to be reckoned with. You can pre-register for Lol Wild Rift game here!

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