It’s time for Valve’s take on the auto battler genre – Dota Underlords!

It’s getting more and more obvious that the auto battler fever is stronger than ever, especially now when gaming giants like Valve are investing into their very own releases in the genre. Dota Underlords is a full blooded installment in the Valve’s famous franchise, and also their first game for the mobile platform. It seems that no big game publisher wants to miss out on the treasure trove that mobile gaming is becoming, so we’ve got ourselves a ton of AAA games ported to mobile in the recent months, including the Valve’s well known and loved MOBA.

Dota Underlords brings the famous mod from PC to Mobile

Following the Dota 2 auto chess mod’s success, the big guys at Valve decided to expand their targeted audience even further by introducing a new platform for their game. Dota Underlords represents the same auto battler experience as the one on PC, with the benefit of playing it on the go. Cross platform matching is supported, which means you can play on your platform of choice and battle players across the globe in a hassle-free crossplay experience. You can even start your game on one platform and finish it on another thanks to the profile that is shared across all devices, which can be super useful to those who need to switch to gaming on the go.

Dota Underworlds gameplay

The gameplay is almost identical to its PC counterpart, and consists of the same stages. In the first three levels you’re fighting against NPC characters, and if you beat them you’ll get your pick of three pieces of loot to toughen up your team. After that it’s free for all brawl until the last man or creature is standing. Each player has health displayed on the left side of the screen and the ranking is based on its amount. You’re fighting multiple rounds with each of the competitors, and every loss drains a part of your health – the more you take a beating the more health you lose. This game is available in both stores App Store and Google Play

DOTA UNDERLORDS - Android / iOS GAMEPLAY - Mobile Game

Best tactics and tips for playing Dota Underworlds

As far as tactics go, anyone who is familiar with the PC counterpart will know what to do as the same rules apply here. For those who are not familiar, we’ll cover some of the basics here. First of all, do your best to beat the first three waves of NPCs, as they will reward you with items that can be invaluable later in the game. Then you’ll need to carefully pick your champions or pieces and combine them for the best effect. Have in mind that multiple units of the same type are stackable and you can combine them to get a higher level champion of the same type.  Essentially this is a game of balancing a whole bunch of different stats and options to create the perfect killing team – and then letting that team get on with the slaughter without you.

Overall rating of the game

Dota Underworlds can’t really be rated as a standalone game, as it is simply a port to the mobile platform, designed to be identical to the PC version because of the crossplay. Instead we would like to rate the Valve’s decision as great, because it adds more versatility to the person playing and connects fanbases of multiple platforms in one go.

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