Prepare yourself for the ultimate soccer experience with Dream League Soccer 2020!

Dream League Soccer 2020 is a dream come true for all players who enjoy both the managing and playing part of soccer simulations. You are in charge of a whole soccer team in the latest part of this well known franchise that has never looked or felt better. Build your dream team from over 3,500 licensed players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs! Rise to the top of the scoreboard, and bring your team to glory with your managerial and scoring skill. The beautiful game can prove to be a real milestone when it comes to soccer simulations for mobile.

Gameplay and aesthetics in Dream League Soccer 2020

This game offers a satisfying blend of planning and action, as you are faced with making difficult decisions while rising through the ranks. A victory on the field is not enough in Dream League Soccer 2020, and you need to employ your best strategies to spend your resources wisely, be it on the player market or on upgrading your facilities. All of this is packed in an attractive interface that will make this game an unprecedented soccer experience on mobile. With full 3D motion-captured kicks, tackles, celebrations and goalkeeper saves, Dream League Soccer 2020 gives unmatched realism on the go. The visuals are so detailed that you can also choose hairstyles for your manager, along with sportswear for your team. The game has never looked so good before!

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Lineup and players’ market leaves a lot to be desired…

Most of the gamers so far have come together on one thing, the new system for buying and selling players is a downgrade from the previous releases. It appears to be overly complicated and unintuitive without any particular reason, and it reduces the fun factor the game definitely works hard to maintain. The new market system is supposed to bring more realism to the managing part of the game, but it fails at that and just makes the game more boring and a grindfest for better players. We really hope that the First Touch Games Ltd will take this feedback into account and will try their best to undo this mistake in the future.

Dream League Soccer 2020 – an unrefined gem that lacks some polishing

With all the features that improve the gameplay it is difficult to call Dream League Soccer 2020 anything less than a good game, but we can’t ignore those few that still need fine tuning. The game looks and feels incredibly great, but we know that there should be more to it than just that. The player market is a huge part of the game, and should be brought to perfection if this release ought to bear the title it deserves in all other aspects. Because of this we shall finish this review with an appeal to the First Touch Games Ltd to try their best to correct the flaws that have been bothering their fanbase across the globe.

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